Machine integration

Network and IoT-capable machines as well as older legacy machines from different manufacturers and generations can be digitally networked via the toii® platform. Analog machines can be connected through a separate box that transmits status reports via light signals. They can also be connected by using additional, directly addressable sensors or by having the production worker enter the production data manually at a special terminal. The extended scope of the networking ranges from total integration of the programmable logic controllers (PLC) through to production automation.

Efficient production management aided by a manufacturing execution system (MES) can only be achieved if current production data, such as utilization, set-up times, and downtimes are integrated. These data can be collected through the toii® platform and transferred to the MES for further processing. Once these data are combined, the entire potential of the production facility can be boosted sustainably.

By integrating an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), order data for manufacturing control can also be transferred to the production chain and measuring results from production can be imported into the enterprise resource planning system for order documentation, quality assurance, or other purposes.

The toii® modules in use