The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform toii® was developed with the aim of efficiently networking all technical devices within a factory.

The platform enables digital communication between machines, plants, measuring devices ("Things") and production employees. toii® can also integrate third-party systems such as an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES). With the help of the visualization module, toii® informs users and management about production status, progress and efficiency. In this way, optimization potential can be identified and leveraged. Once toii® has been implemented, it can be easily expanded with additional modules.

Connectivity, data collection and visualization.

Let your machines speak one language and get full visibility into machine and job status, progress and performance.

Shift planning of the machines

Intuitive shift planning for your plants and production feedback:

  • Clear views for planning, quality management, production, logistics and sales for all sites

  • Plan for multiple or all sites quickly and easily

  • Automatically transfer data from one shift to the next

  • Change production sequence via drag-and-drop

Automated knife calculation

Avoid time-consuming and manual calculations on slitting lines:

  • Integrated tool management

  • Different knife designs can be set

  • Minimize the number of tools and maximize the amount of material that can be sold

  • Automatically generated knife assembly plans

  • Version histories of all built knives

Automated plant parameterization

Automated parameterization according to orders in the ERP system and clear view of machines:

  • Selection of production mode (e.g.. on length, on diameter)

  • Configuration of separator shafts and longitudinal strapping

  • Start, stop or reset orders

  • Integration of scales

  • Label printing, manual or automatically

Integration of the raw coil warehouse

Digital mapping of coil warehouse

  • Real-time information on prioritized coil delivery order

  • For ad hoc changes, plant managers can order coils and report leftover coils

  • Remainder coils can be weighed and posted in ERP

Quality assurance on your shop floor.

Increase not only efficiency but also quality in your production and ensure it at all stations through digitization.

Partially automated quality assurance

Assurance and logging of quality in real time:

  • Instant automated comparison with the tolerances stored in the ERP system or MES.

  • Direct feedback at the plant via stack light and in the toii® user interface.

  • Automatic saving of the measurement log in toii®. Various export functions are available here.

Fully automated quality assurance

Integration of automatic measuring systems for fully automated quality assurance:

  • Fully automatic and continuous thickness measurement

  • Automatic, discrete width measurement at configurable measuring points

  • QA logging in toii (with various export functions)

Clear quality reports for customers

  • Automatic generation of quality reports

  • Clear and structured report to share with customers

Seamless tracking

Individual part tracking

  • Uninterrupted tracking of rings throughout the entire process

  • Automatic tracking of rings between slitting line and binding lines, independent of the actual transport route.

Optimized packaging planning

  • Automated packaging planning with data transfer from the slitting line and via ring tracking from the turnstile

  • Calculation of the packaging sequence from real-time data using AI via toii®.Think

Final packaging

Final packing
  • Worker guidance via web terminal and display of relevant packing guideline

  • Simple user interface as well as visualization of packed materials and packing status in real time

  • Automatic documentation in ERP system

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The entire platform at a glance

Connectivity toii

Application fields

Production data collection and machine networking

In order to automate a production chain and optimize it for efficiency, production data must be collected and exchanged. Machine data provide information about utilization and maintenance requirements; measuring results are automatically imported and transferred in order to optimize the production chain. toii® is capable of reading machine data from the PLC and also writing data into the machine control system.

External data sources can also be integrated through the platform. This allows production relevant information and data to be incorporated into the production chain.

Machine integration

Network and IoT-capable machines as well as older legacy machines from different manufacturers and generations can be digitally networked via the toii® platform. Analog machines can be connected through a separate box that transmits status reports via light signals. They can also be connected by using additional, directly addressable sensors or by having the production worker enter the production data manually at a special terminal. The extended scope of the networking ranges from total integration of the programmable logic controllers (PLC) through to production automation.

Efficient production management aided by a manufacturing execution system (MES) can only be achieved if current production data, such as utilization, set-up times, and downtimes are integrated. These data can be collected through the toii® platform and transferred to the MES for further processing. Once these data are combined, the entire potential of the production facility can be boosted sustainably.

By integrating an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), order data for manufacturing control can also be transferred to the production chain and measuring results from production can be imported into the enterprise resource planning system for order documentation, quality assurance, or other purposes.

Visualization of production data

The first step in increasing the efficiency of production processes is to consolidate the current performance parameters and display them in a transparent way. This step requires not only the collection, but also the visualization of data, so that the performance parameters can be analyzed. The dashboarding feature of the toii®.Fusion software module provides a clear solution.

toii® also enables other production-relevant data to be linked and displayed with the accumulating production data. For instance, order data from the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) can be linked with the actual utilization and capacity data of the machines, making it possible to define order times and perform efficiency calculations. Productivity and capacity curves combined with data from third party systems are visualized on a desktop. The results can be used to optimize production planning.

Self-learning systems

Once machine and production data have been collected, a deeper analysis can be performed in order to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Machine data collected over the long term (big data) are analyzed in order to detect anomalies, for example.

By applying machine learning methods, processes can be continually optimized and machine and equipment failure can be predicted in advance (predictive maintenance). The methods developed from the big data analysis can then be applied directly in the production using real-time data to optimize production (edge analytics).

Integration of mobile assets

Mobile machines and vehicles such as forklifts, dump trucks, and transport containers can also be integrated into toii® via the IIoT network. They can therefore be utilized more efficiently.

The data collected here can be used to optimize transport routes or localize material precisely when moving it in and out of the warehouse. Order data can be transferred directly to the driver in their cockpit and used to optimize scheduling in real time.

Measurements and quality controls

Measurement data, including those from manual measurements taken with instruments such as micrometers or calipers, are transferred to the toii® platform via WLAN. They are then automatically compared to the target values.

The operator is notified immediately of any deviations, which are automatically escalated if necessary. Integrated data collection and digital archiving facilitate documentation. As a result, quality defects can be corrected more rapidly and precisely.

Tailorable to the need of your shop floor: IIoT and MES platform toii®

Software solution for manufacturing companies

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Software solution for manufacturing companies

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