toii®: platform for Industry 4.0

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform toii® was developed with the aim of efficiently networking all technical devices within a factory.

The platform enables digital communication between machines, units, measuring instruments (“things”), and production workers. toii® can also integrate third-party systems such as an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and/or manufacturing execution system (MES). With the help of the visualization module, toii® informs users and management about the production status, progress, and efficiency. As a result, optimization potentials can be identified and boosted. Once toii® is implemented, it can be easily expanded with additional modules.

Here is an overview of the toii® modules.

The individual toii® modules take on many tasks in the digital factory, from data collection and machine control to visualization, allowing a multitude of potential applications to be managed.

toii®: significant advantages compared to other IIoT solutions

  • Supports old legacy machines
  • The “first mile,” everything from a single source
  • Supports full machine integration (not only collection)
  • Supports local-global concept
  • “Future ready” with the latest standards such as OPC UA
  • Flexible subscription model
  • Highly flexible for all types of machines
  • In-house IP for all modules in the ecosystem