Knife assembly software

Our knife assembly module toii®.Cut addresses one of the core competencies of steel service center operators - the calculation of knives.

Knife calculation is crucial for meeting customer specifications when manufacturing products on slitting lines. In addition, knife calculation is a key factor for steel service center operators in systematically reducing scrap and optimizing tool utilization to increase tool life. The automated calculation of knives increases process reliability and contributes to an efficient and effective design of the value chain in accordance with the principles of lean management.

Knife assembly software at a glance

  • Automatically calculate your knife assembly plans taking into account the order sequence by integrating production planning from the ERP system.

  • Systematically reduce scrap for a greater amount of efficiently usable material when processing customer orders.

  • More even wear and tear on your tools and reduced lead times on the shop floor by optimizing tool usage using integrated tool management.

  • Cross-site application on intuitive user interface with web-based application without additional software installation.

  • Continuous feature development based on feedback from the field. Updates can also be made on the fly.

Automating your knife assembly plans and integrated tool management

Using production planning from the ERP system, which can be connected to the toii®.Integrator, toii®.Cut calculates your knife assembly plans automatically, taking into account the order of the jobs. Benefit from a high time saving and avoid errors during manual calculation. Quality assurance is additionally provided by logic checks, which the software performs in the background and subsequently issues recommendations for readjustments.

With the integrated tool management of our knife assembly software, you can manage and optimize the use of your tools. This can be used, for example, to identify dependencies that can also be taken into account for job planning. Optimize the utilization and even usage of the knives and achieve shorter throughput times on the shop floor. Digital configurations of rubber bonded stripper rings for machines as well as knife clearance charts for machine groups replace paper-based processes and also enable special customer requirements to be met.

Cross-site application and continuous updates

toii®.Cut is a browser-based web application and thus runs cross-site on any computer with a modern Internet browser. This makes the software fundamentally compatible with older operating systems without causing security problems. At the same time, the intuitive user interface enables quick familiarization and convenient operation. An integration into your toii® product world is of course seamlessly possible.

Our knife assemlby module is continuously optimized and further developed by us. Updates to the web-based application can be made at any time, even during ongoing operation, in an uncomplicated manner across all machines and locations. Users thus always work with the latest version and benefit from regular improvements and innovations. In addition, customer-specific adaptations can also be implemented, so that our software is completely tailored to your individual requirements and needs.

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The IIoT and MES platform toii® includes the know-how of 10 years of steel service center digitization. Our employees have partly spent their professional life as employees of steel service centers. Accordingly, our process expertise and the feature set of toii® for slitting and cut-to-length processes, but also for the optimized operation of packaging lines is deep here.

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