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IIoT solution from thyssenkrupp

IIoT solution from thyssenkrupp

The modular IIoT and MES platform toii® from thyssenkrupp Materials IoT collects machine and production data in real time, providing transparency on productivity across the entire shop floor.

The toii®.Collect module automatically collects data from machines and devices - ranging from older machines without programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or older machines with user-defined interfaces to modern, IoT-capable machines. The production data recorded in this way can also be supplemented with manually recorded data. With the help of the toii®.PDC module, employees can manually enter data from permanently installed terminals or mobile devices and integrate it into the digital production chain.

Furthermore, the digitalization of your machinery enables the partial and full automation of processes through to the paperless smart factory. In doing so, toii® networks the ERP, CAQ or other existing production IT systems with the assets of your production plant. toii® can thus cover the entire production process: from production management and intralogistics to final packaging.

thyssenkrupp combines 200 years of industrial history with 15 years of experience in the intelligent networking of machines and processes. We would be happy to advise you in a non-binding consultation on how you too can capture and utilize real-time data in your production.

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