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Expected productivity increases by industry sector

Expected productivity increases by industry sector

Expected productivity increases by industry sector

Own illustration - secondary source from Statista (Source: By how much do you expect productivity gains in the wake of smart factories and digital concepts in the next five years?: PwC, 2018, https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/718893/umfrage/erwartete-produktivitaetssteigerungen-durch-intelligente-fabriken-in-deutschland-nach-bereichen/, 07/06/2021)

In February 2018, Statista GmbH, Hamburg, published the results of a study entitled "Smart Factory - Expected Productivity Increases in Germany". Managing directors of German industrial companies were asked about the expected productivity increases when smart factories are introduced. The breakdown by industry sector cites the following productivity increases:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering: 15 percent

  • Electronics: 12 percent

  • Consumer goods: 12 percent

  • Process industries: 12 percent

  • Metals and mining: 10 percent

  • Industrial manufacturing: 10 percent.

Industry 4.0 and IIoT solution from thyssenkrupp

IIoT solution from thyssenkrupp

The IIoT platform toii® developed by thyssenkrupp records machine and operating data in real time and thus enables transparency of productivity on the entire shop floor. Furthermore, the digitalization of your machinery enables partial and full automation of processes up to the paperless Smart Factory. In doing so, toii® networks the ERP, CAQ or other existing production IT systems with the assets of your manufacturing plant. toii® can thus cover the entire production: from manufacturing management and intralogistics to final packaging.

Thanks to our strong partner network, we can accompany our customers throughout the entire digitization journey up to the Smart Factory. We would be happy to advise you in a no-obligation meeting on how we can shape this journey together with you and achieve productivity gains.

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