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toii®.Lights - Quick and Easy Way to Start Digitizing Your Production

toii®.Lights answers the key question all production managers ask: “Are my machines operating productively – and if not, why not?” The answer involves very little investment of effort or money, and it can be implemented practically overnight.

With a combination of easy machine data and operational data collection, toii®.Lights does not require the development of complex interfaces. Users maintain a real-time overview of production thanks to a stack light and the software, in particular.

toii®.Lights also offers:

  • Complete transparency regarding productivity and disruption in real time, accessible from any web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer

  • Systematic analyses of productivity and downtimes

  • Shift and site productivity and downtime comparisons via user-friendly dashboards

  • Evaluations of machine cycles

→ And all this data can be evaluated for any given time frame, providing you with a solid foundation of data for implementing optimization strategies and assessing their success.


With toii®.Lights, manufacturing companies can digitize their production – with heterogeneous machinery from a range of different eras and OEMs – on a budget, and above all, quickly:

Installation in 1-2 hours per machine

Install your toii®.Lights Box in your machines (this can be done by your company electrician, for example).

Configuration in just 20 minutes per machine

As soon as the toii®.Lights Box is installed, we will configure the software for you.

100% transparency on your shop floor

You will have complete transparency and be able to expand your toii® solution however you wish.

How does toii®.Lights work?

Information input and output for the machine is handled by hardware specially developed for toii®.Lights, consisting of the toii®.Lights Box and a suitable stack light (Andon light).

toii®.Lights continuously logs and records machine operating times and downtimes. If machine downtime occurs, the machine operator presses a button on the toii®.Lights Box to indicate the current reason for the downtime. This information is transmitted to toii® and the stack light, allowing you to immediately identify the nature of the disruption on the shop floor and online on the toii® dashboards, so that you can intervene and optimize the processes during the ongoing shift.

However, this is just the beginning – you can seamlessly continue your digitization journey with the advanced toii® modules. We would be happy to offer you a no-obligation consultation to advise you on how our solution can digitize and improve your production.

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