toii® is a suitable IIoT and MES platform for all discrete manufacturing operations. This is especially true for steel service center operations, as this is where toii® was born. toii® is now in use in steel service centers throughout Europe.

toii® includes the know-how of 10 years of steel service center digitization. Our employees have spent their professional life partly as employees of steel service centers. Accordingly, our process expertise is deep here and the feature set of toii® for slitting and cut-to-length processes, but also for the optimized operation of packaging lines.

Our customers report not only productivity increases of 10-20% by using our solution, but also significant improvements in terms of product and packaging quality. For our customers, toii® increases process reliability and on-time delivery, reduces complaint costs and increases customer satisfaction.

The following are selected features of toii® for steel service centers to achieve all of this. However, this is only the current status. We are continuously expanding our software especially in this area. Gladly also with you.

IIoT platform for steel service center

A machine assignment plan helps you in the planning process.

Optimize your production planning process. Assign production orders to locations, machines and shifts. Respond flexibly to changes in planning parameters and change the sequence of production orders using drag & drop.

Full transparency in real time with regard to the productivity of the machines (e.g. OEE key figures). Productivity guzzlers and types of waste become visible.

Dashboards provide you with transparency regarding key production parameters in real time. The data basis is formed by recorded machine data, operating data and/or data from work preparation. This enables a continuous improvement process (CIP).

Key figures relevant to you, such as plant speed and capacity utilization, are transferred to toii® as actual machine data via interface. In addition, downtime reasons can be recorded by operating data inputs of the machine operators and the visualization on the dashboard can thus be extended. This allows downtimes and their causes to be evaluated systematically and in real time in order to gain valuable insights for your continuous improvement process.

Calculate the knives for your slitting lines in an optimized and, if possible, automated way. Create digital knife construction plans for your employees.

According to the planned production orders, the knives are automatically calculated with our software and the knife construction plans are visualized on screens or also printed. Make the most of your customers' width tolerances and reduce hem scrap as a result. Enjoy a stable, browser-based solution with many intuitive features.

Learn more about our knife assembly software

Set up machines cut-to-length and slitting lines automatically and digitally.

Toii® obtains the relevant production data from your planning or ERP system and automatically parameterizes your plant. Tedious and error-prone manual entries into your plants are thus a thing of the past. Your employees can reduce set-up times and concentrate on the physical preparation of the machines. The integration of automatable elements in the area of slitting processes (such as separating shafts, slitter construction, longitudinal and cross strapping) is also possible.

Secure your quality digitally and as automatically as possible.

Replace paper quality reports, which are difficult to evaluate, with digital inspection reports. These are automatically generated by connected handheld measuring devices or fully automatic width and thickness measurement. The latter are also digitally parameterized by toii®. Measurements are automatically compared with customer tolerances, photo documentation via integrated cameras ensures surface quality. Accelerate your quality assurance process and claim management, block material automatically before delivery to the customer. Digital messages to your work preparation and quality management enable real-time replanning and evaluations.

Optimize your binding lines and increase packaging speed.

toii® optimizes the planning of your packaging and writes it directly into the PLC of your plant. In this way, all customer specifications such as max. height, weight or number of rings or panels per packaging unit are always adhered to. The operational constraints are taken into account during optimization. A preview for required pallets and other consumables avoids bottlenecks and downtimes. The visualization of the packaging regulations increases speed as well as quality in the final packaging.

Track your customer orders in production.

Keep an overview: Find out in real time in which process step and at which physical location your (partial) products are. This enables anticipatory preparations of subsequent processes, such as logistics in the outgoing goods area.

Network label printers with digital databases.

Our direct interfaces to your label printers make it possible to provide all the information stored in toii® with regard to your production orders as needed.

Optimize your workflow by individually adapting the information provided on material labels, oriented to the needs of the respective process step.

Evaluate your scrap quantities and types.

Capture and store the number of your crested cuts. Thus create a digital data basis for evaluations to influence business decisions, such as in the areas of purchasing and sales.

With toii® you are always up to date, and updates can be applied without interrupting operation.

Always keep your ERP system up to date. During production, products or intermediates can be reported manually or automatically to your ERP system.

All features are meaningfully interconnected and can be used intuitively via the toii® UI throughout the process.

Our customers in the Steel Service Center area

toii in use at Knauf Interfer

Knauf Interfer SE

Mill-independent steel distribution, service and processing company. Among other things, processing of coils into slit strip, sheets and blanks.

AST Germany

AST Germany stainless steel mill, primary steel production and processing of steel products.

Tailorable to the need of your shop floor: IIoT and MES platform toii®

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Software solution for manufacturing companies

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