For Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Digitizing Production

toii® - Applications tailored to SMEs. Large modular system tested in industry - remarkably affordable.
Start the digitization process practically overnight at low cost
Start the digitization process practically overnight

Full transparency regarding your productivity

toii® - Real-time information on the production statuses of your machines, whether they are cutting-edge or from the steam-engine era. Evaluation of the most important reasons for downtime.
End-to-end production digitization
End-to-end production digitization

Tailored to your needs

toii® - Core features: Full transparency regarding production, partial and full automation of your production processes. From receipt of goods to production planning, production, quality assurance, and packaging. And naturally, all completely paperless
Full service
Full service

Everything from a single source

Our team of consultants, field engineers, and software engineers understand your production processes, machine integration, and software

Digitalisierungsreise mit toii®

Developed and Tested for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Developed and Tested for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The products we deliver to you have been in development and testing for years at more than 30 thyssenkrupp sites. Our global network of production sites is primarily made up of small and medium-sized enterprises alongside a number of larger facilities, so we developed an Industrial Internet of Things platform with a wide range of digitization solutions. It is three things above all: fast, affordable, and designed for SMEs. Its name is toii®.
End-2-end production digitization

End-2-end production digitization

Regardless of whether your machinery is brand new or of an older generation, made by one manufacturer or a patchwork of different makers, or uses a range of different communication interfaces – our core competency is building bridges between these different systems, helping your machines speak the same language, networking them, and making them controllable. We also integrate your ERP system and, if you have an MES system, we will integrate our solution into that.
Quick and easy entry into digitization

Quick and easy entry into digitization

To help you digitize your production in days, not weeks, we have developed toii.Lights. This solution even works on machines without any communication interfaces, and it offers: Transparency regarding your machines and the entire site in real time; Logging and evaluating reasons for downtime, e.g. waiting for materials, setting up, unplanned downtime/disruption; Evaluation of capacity Evaluation of cycle times, resulting in very simple predictive maintenance. Getting started with digitization is not only quick; it’s also affordable! You can expect hardware costs of 300-400 euros per machine.
End-2-end service

End-2-end service

We make digitization easy for you and help you with the first steps, implementation, and training your team. Upon request, we can also continue assisting you after everything has been set up, and monitor your digitization solution. That way, you can stay focused on your core business! We have all the skills necessary for the job: Our consultants will work with you to develop your solutions. In the process, they can generally draw on solutions that have already been developed, making digitization fast and affordable for you. Our field engineers are focused on machine integration, IT infrastructure, and the implementation of your toii® solution. Our software engineers adapt our software modules to suit your company.

Stahl Service Center: Hier wurde toii® geboren

Die IIoT- und MES-Plattform toii® umfasst das Knowhow von 10 Jahren Stahl Service Center-Digitalisierung. Unsere Mitarbeiter haben Ihr Berufsleben teilweise als Angestellte von Stahl Service Centern verbracht. Entsprechend tief ist hier unsere Prozessexpertise und das Feature-Set von toii® für Längs- und Querteilprozesse, aber auch für den optimierten Betrieb von Verpackungslinien.

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Tailored to Your Company’s Needs Thanks to Modular Software

toii modules


toii®.Lights uses the principle of the Japanese Andon method: Light signals indicate the statuses of the analog machines and convert them into digital data. The statuses of all the machines can be viewed in a web browser, and the data acquired can be used for preliminary analysis. A simple, effective, and affordable option for starting the digitization process.


This module collects machine data, ranging from simple devices without a programmable logic controller (PLC) or older machines with user-defined interfaces to modern, IoT-capable machines.


Interprets and visualizes machine data collected via toii®.collect, toii®.PDC, or toii®.Lights. This data is combined with external data to visualize manufacturing output on dashboards. All the relevant data can be viewed in a standard web browser.


The integration module for automating and controlling all your machines. Connects machines bidirectionally, automates processes, and manages data streams in the factory. The modern user interface technology keeps the operator informed.


The toii®.Integrator module can be used to connect third-party systems to the toii® platform. These are usually MES or ERP systems, but the module can also establish connections to other data sources and sinks for both reading and writing communication. The connection is usually established on an individual basis.


The mobile module in the toii® platform. Data from permanently installed terminals or mobile devices is transmitted to the platform for further processing. This also means that production data that has been collected manually, such as entries made by employees in Production, will be integrated into the digital production chain.


Module for future smart data applications with unlimited expansion options. This module’s algorithms can forecast when machines will require maintenance work using predictive maintenance, optimize production efficiency, develop customized processes, and generate new business models.

Data Security

The modular nature of the toii® platform facilitates implementation in a secure, segmented network environment in the customer’s own network architecture (e.g. VLAN). The individual modules can communicate via transport layer security (TLS) and establish an encrypted connection with all the machines/devices. toii® supports the latest and safest security profiles such as OPC-UA. The platform and its components are regularly tested by thyssenkrupp’s internal computer emergency response team (CERT). toii® offers maximum data security and is subject to the strict EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) within the company.

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